Maintenance of your Registry installation is an important part of ensuring that you are getting the value and impact that you need from this important tool. This page provides information about upgrading the Registry, managing backups, and a few advanced use cases for more experienced users.

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1. Upgrading Registry

If you have previously installed COmanage Registry, follow the instructions at "Upgrading Registry".

2. Backups

Backing up COmanage Registry is as straightforward as backing up the database that you are using. All configurations and data for your instance of COmanage are stored within the database.

3. Useful resources

Advanced Use Case

Incorporating features that haven't yet been released

This approach is only advisable for teams with internal DevOps and technical resources, and a strong familiarity with PHP, Github, and systems management. There is always a risk to using in-progress code in a production environment, and doing so should only be considered when absolutely required.

Although rare, there can be occasions when institutions will find it necessary to incorporate a developed feature before it is generally available in a released version of the Registry. In these situations, it is possible to incorporate all or some of the work in the working "Develop Branch" of the code repository where the development team is committing their work.

If you are sure that your institution has this need, first re-read the warning box above, and then peruse the following links for more information:

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