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COmanage Registry can be localized (configured with the text of your choice) in two ways:

  1. Texts can be changed platform wide by editing the file app/Lib/lang.php. This is the best option to change the language of Registry, and it is currently the only option for changes to be made to the entire platform. Note that the language in use is currently a platform wide setting, it cannot yet be adjusted on demand (CO-424).
  2. CO-specific texts can be changed by a CO admin, via Collaborations >> My CO >> Configuration >> Localizations. It is necessary to know the text key, which unfortunately is best found at the moment either by looking through the source code or by guessing. Changes take effect immediately, but only within the selected CO.

Note that while most texts can be localized, a few stragglers are not yet handled by the common mechanism (CO-117).

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