Upgrading? Please visit the page Upgrading Registry.

Information on installation using containers (e.g. Docker) is available here.

Installation Steps

  1. PHP
  2. Web Server
  3. Download and Install Source
  4. Database
  5. Email
  6. Registry Setup Script
  7. Cron
  8. Testing
  9. Setting Up Your First CO

  10. QA and Production Tiers
  11. High availability (HA) considerations


  • The directory registry-source/ contains a .htaccess with necessary mod_rewrite directives. Not all Apache configurations by default allow configuration options within .htaccess files. Be sure that your Apache configuration has the necessary AllowOveride configuration to allow that .htaccess file to be processed (this is not the default on Debian Squeeze and other Linux distributions).
  • Following an upgrade, failure to login due to Auth.User.name doesn't exist may be due to caches that need to be cleared.
  • Messages like Warning (2): preg_match(): Compilation failed: unknown option bit(s) set at offset -1 [CORE/Cake/Utility/Validation.php, line 782] are indicative of a bad version of PCRE, described above.
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