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An External Identity is intended to represent any sort of identity external to the CO. Common examples of External Identities include

  • Federated Identities
  • Social Identities (Google, Facebook, etc)
  • Research Identities (ORCID)
  • ERP Records (PeopleSoft, Workday, Banner)

Date Model Elements

In general, External Identities and External Identity Roles track People and Person Roles.

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Changes From Earlier Versions

As of Registry v5.0.0

  • OrgIdentity was split into ExternalIdentity and ExternalIdentityRole.
  • ExternalIdentity directly relates to Person (a Person may have multiple External Identities, but an External Identity can only belong to one Person). The CoOrgIdentityLink crosswalk has been eliminated and Organizational Identity Pooling support has been dropped.
  • affiliation was replaced with affiliation_type_id.
  • o was renamed organization.
  • ou was renamed department.
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