Date Model Elements

The Registry Email Address data model consists of the email address and a verification flag.

Default Email Address Type

When adding a new Email Address via the UI, it is possible to set the default value for the Email Address type via ConfigurationCO Settings.

Email Address Verification

Email Addresses can be verified using several mechanisms:

  • Email Addresses collected during an Enrollment Flow can be verified using the Email Confirmer Enroller Plugin (not yet implemented, CFM-333).
  • Email Addresses obtained from an External Identity Source can be verified by the Source (AR-EmailAddress-5), which in turn will flag the Person copy of the Email Address as verified.
    • Email Addresses created by a Pipeline that are not verified by the Source can be verified similar to other Email Addresses attached to a Person. This includes frozen Email Addresses (AR-EmailAddress-4).
  • Email Addresses generated by Identifier Assignment are automatically considered verified (AR-IdentifierAssignment-3).
  • An unverified Email Address attached to a Person can be verified using self service via the EmailAddress Dashboard Widget (not yet implemented, CFM-217).
  • An unverified Email Address attached to a Person can be force verified by the CO Administrator. Doing so does not send any sort of verification to the selected Email Address, but relies on the administrator to confirm the Email Address is deliverable.

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Changes From Earlier Versions

As of Registry v5.0.0

  • Force Verification replaces administrator initiated verification.
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