The COmanage Project is pleased to announce the next Milestone Release of Registry PE: v5.0.0 MR 12. This release includes:

  • Message Templates
  • Notifications
  • Oracle SqlServers (experimental)
  • SmtpServers
  • Lots of frontend improvements
  • Improvements to handling of status during Pipelines
  • Various bug fixes, especially for Transmogrification
  • Container updates

While we have been creating Milestone Releases for some time, we have reached the point where we are seeking additional early testers, and to facilitate that process we will begin treating the Milestone Release process similarly to the regular product release processes. That said, Registry PE is still in an early access phase, and we do not yet recommend it for production deployments.

We are specifically seeking volunteers to assist with testing Transmogrification, the process of converting v4 datasets to PE. If you have an existing Registry v4 dataset and are interested in helping out, please join this Friday’s Open Office Hours or let us know via Slack or email. Or just dive in and let us know how it goes.

For additional information about Registry PE, including installation instructions, see

and for Transmogrification specifically, see

Note that container support for PE is currently limited. You should be comfortable building your own containers, or you can install directly on a VM or server without using containers.

Funding for MR 12 has been provided by

  • The CILogon Project and the University of Illinois
  • SCG Collaboration Group
  • Southern Methodist University
  • And an additional funder (pending disclosure approval)
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