The Internet2 Middleware Initiative is pleased to announce the release of COmanage Registry version 0.9.4. This release is primarily a bug fix and stabilization release.

For current deployments running earlier versions, we strongly recommend performing an upgrade on a test deployment prior to upgrading production installations. Information on upgrading is available at It will not be possible to upgrade earlier versions past v0.9.4 without first upgrading to v0.9.4. In other words, if you are currently running v0.9.3, you will not be able to directly upgrade to v1.0.0 when it is released. You will need to upgrade to v0.9.4 first.

The COmanage Registry developers have begun work on v1.0.0, which is scheduled for release by early September.

Full release notes are available at

For further information about COmanage and to download the software, please visit: and

COmanage is funded by Internet2 and the National Science Foundation.

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