Documents (HTML and PHP)

As of Registry v1.0.0, if you would like to publish mostly static content (such as policy documents or help information) with the look and feel of Registry, you may do so by placing these documents in /local/View/Pages/public. Each document should end with the extension .ctp (Cake Template) and may contain HTML (including JavaScript) and PHP.

Once uploaded, documents are accessible without authentication at http[s]://yourserver/registry/pages/public/filename, with or without the .ctp extension.

Do not use this mechanism for accessing the Registry database. Only present public, generally static information, otherwise you risk compromising Registry security and exposing restricted information.

If you need to work with Registry content, you most likely need to write a Registry Plugin.

Images and Other Media

As of Registry v3.2.0, images or any other static content may also be served from the /local directory, by placing these files in /local/webroot/resources. Make sure any files you upload there are readable by the web server user (e.g. apache).

Once uploaded, files are accessible without authentication at http[s]://yourserver/registry/local-resources/filename, and can be used anywhere, including Registry content such as mostly static documents (described above), Themes, or Service Logos.

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