Preferred Pronouns are a sensitive and evolving concept. Before proceeding with a deployment pattern involving pronouns, be sure to review existing guidance, including the eduPerson recommendations. Support for Preferred Pronouns is considered Experimental, and may change across minor releases.

Data Model Elements

The Registry data model for Preferred Pronouns includes a free form text field for self asserted pronoun strings. Typically this will be of the form they/them/theirs, but could also be something like Ask me. No validation of this field is provided.

Each Preferred Pronoun entry must have a type, and may optionally have a language tag. While a single type (such as Default) may suffice for most deployments, supporting multiple types allows for context specific rendering of pronouns. Language tags allow for Preferred Pronouns to be recorded with representations for multiple languages.

Default Pronoun Type

When adding a new set of Preferred Pronouns via the UI, it is possible to set the default value for the Pronoun type via Configuration CO Settings.

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Changes From Earlier Versions

Prior to Registry v5.0.0

  • Preferred Pronouns were added in v5.0.0. 
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