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Database Setup

Registry requires a SQL database, Postgres and MariaDB/MySQL are supported. If there is no local preference, Postgres is recommended. The database configuration should be placed in local/config/database.php. A sample file is available in app/config/database.php.dist.

The database name cannot have a dot (.) in it, see this Github issue for more details.

For MySQL, be sure to set quoteIdentifiers to true. This is not required for MariaDB.

Install Database Schema

Install the database schema as follows:

$ cd $REGISTRY/app
$ ./bin/cake database
[lots of SQL output...]
Database schema update successful

Setup Command

Setup Command performs various initialization tasks, including creation of the COmanage CO and registration of the first administrative user. The username should correspond to the authenticated identifier returned for the initial administrator (eg: populated into $REMOTE_USER).

$ cd $REGISTRY/app
$ ./bin/cake setup
Given Name of initial platform administrator
Family Name of initial platform administrator
Username of initial platform administrator

The initial administrator information can also be provided via command line arguments.

setup [--admin-given-name <name>] [--admin-family-name <name>] [--admin-username <username>]
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