The NationalityEnroller allows a Petitioner to self assert their national affiliation(s), which are then stored as Identity Documents, with a Document Type of Self Assertion. This plugin supports Attribute Enumerations for the attribute Identity Document (Issuing Authority, Self Assertion).

The plugin is configured as follows:

  • Maximum Nationalities: The maximum number of nationalities that the Petitioner may list. Each will be saved as a separate Identity Document with Subtype nationality.
  • Collect Permanent Residency: If set, allow the Petitioner to optionally assert a Permanent Residency. If collected, it will be saved as an Identity Document with Subtype residency.
  • Permanent Residency Authority: Instead of offering a select list for Permanent Residency, offer a checkbox option for the configured authority. The available values for this option are taken from the Attribute Enumeration for the attribute Identity Document (Issuing Authority, Self Assertion), if it is configured.