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See names for definitions of attributes.

Additionally, the virtual field full_name is included in View operations. This field will hold the display name if set (AR-Name-2), or a language specific rendering if not (AR-Name-3). This field is read only.

Sample Record

  "type_id": 168,
  "person_id": 25,
  "external_identity_id": null,
  "source_name_id": null,
  "honorific": null,
  "given": "Test",
  "middle": "J",
  "family": "Testington",
  "suffix": "V",
  "language": null,
  "primary_name": true,
  "display_name": "TJ Testington",
  "full_name": "TJ Testington"

Supported Filters

(warning) Viewing all names without an additional filter is not supported.

View (all)

Additional filters:

  • external_identity_id
  • person_id

Example: Obtain Names for the specified Person

GET /registry/api/v2/names?person_id=2400

Implementation Notes

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