COmanage Registry is Open Source software that you install and manage on the server of your choice and is delivered as a web application. This section provides resources for installing, deploying, and maintaining Registry, as well as resources for Dev Operations, and installation considerations when using Registry with other Trusted Access Platform (TAP) Components.

Installation & Deployment

COmanage Registry is a very flexible tool. With this flexibility comes complexity. This installation guide was created to provide resources to guide you in the early days of your Registry journey. Along with the "Getting Started" guide, we provide links to resources, a set of use cases that you can use as a starting point, and information about where you can find help and support.


Maintenance of your Registry installation is an important part of ensuring that you are getting the value and impact that you need from this important tool. This page provides information about upgrading the Registry, managing backups, and a few advanced use cases for more experienced users.

Dev Operations

Performing DevOps for a COmanage Registry installation is largely the same as that for any other configuration that uses the database that you are using. This page explores several use cases (such as high availability needs, or large deployments) that may warrant special hosting configurations.

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