Registry v4.0.0 adds support for Identity Documents, which are Registry objects designed to track information supporting identity proofing and related operations. The current implementation is not tied to any specific identity proofing standard (such as NIST Special Publication 800-63), though over time this may change.

Identity Documents are typed, with supported types such as Birth Certificate, Drivers License, Passport, and Visa. In addition, the type Self Assertion is defined to allow tracking of self-asserted identity attributes, such as nationality. In addition, subtypes are supported, so that (for example) an Identity Document of type Visa could have a sub-type of F-1.

An Identity Document's Issuing Authority is intended to describe the entity with legal authority to issue the document, such as a country or state. This field supports Attribute Enumerations, which allow for the creation of select lists. Several out of the box Dictionaries are provided that may be useful.

The Subject is intended to reflect the person's name or identifier as reflected on the document, not as necessarily used by the person day to day. For example, if Pat Lee's Driver's License says "Patricia Lee" even though she normally goes by Pat, the Subject should be "Patricia Lee".

Verification Method is intended to be used as follows:

  • Online: Validated via database or API lookup (either Remote or Physical)
  • Physical: In person visual inspection
  • Remote: Visual inspection via video call or similar
  • None: No inspection

Self Asserted Identity Documents can be collected during enrollment via the NationalityEnroller Plugin.

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