The Identifier Enroller Plugin allows the enrollee to select one or more identifiers as part of the enrollment process. This happens after email confirmation (and so after the initial petitioner attributes are collected).

This plugin is intended as an interim solution until enrollee attribute collection is available (CO-1002).

Configuration (Registry v4.0.0 and later)

The Identifier Enroller Plugin must be attached to the desired Enrollment Flow as an Enrollment Wedge, where it may be given a configuration specific to the selected Enrollment Flow via Enrollment Flow > Attach Enrollment Flow Wedges > Configure > Manage Identifier Enroller Identifiers.

Identifiers are configured within the Identifier Enroller in a very similar way as Enrollment Attributes. Specifically

  • Label: The short label used to indicate to the Petitioner which attribute is being collected
  • Description: A longer description used to indicate to the Petitioner additional information about the attribute
  • Identifier Type: The type to be assigned to the collected attribute
  • Default Environment Variable: If the corresponding web server environment variable is set, it will be used to prepopulate the field. (See also: Consuming External Attributes via Web Server Environment Variables)

Configuration (Registry v3.3.x and earlier)

The Identifier Enroller Plugin leverages the standard enrollment flow configuration to determine whether or not to perform any actions.

  1. This is a non-core plugin, see Installing and Enabling Registry Plugins for more information.
  2. The plugin will prompt for enrollment attributes of the type "Identifier (CO Person)" with Required status set to "Not Permitted".