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Step-by-step Guide to Creating a New CO

Once the collaboration platform and its components have been installed and your first administrative users added, it's time to start configuring it to support your collaboration(s). The first step is to create a CO.

  1. Go to the COmanage Registry URL (address TBD for your site; for the sake of this documentation, this will be

  2. Login. Note that your account will need to be a Platform Administrator account in order to create new COs.

  3. At the top of the screen, there should be a drop down menu called 'Platform'. Click on the 'CO' option in that menu. This will take you to the "COmanage Registry: COs" page

  4. On the COs page, click on "Add CO".

  5. Enter in the name of the CO, a brief description, and if you are ready for this to be immediately active, leave the status as 'Active'.


For more information on setting up a CO, see Setting Up Your First CO in the Technical Manual.