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Step-by-step Guide to Creating New Groups

Groups are used for a variety of reasons, but generally they are used to manage permissions and access, or to manage contact lists. COmanage handles basic groups; for more complex group structures, Grouper integration is required.

  1. From the COmanage Registry home page, login and select your CO.
  2. Click on 'Groups' and then 'All Groups' in the menu bar.
  3. On the Groups page, select 'Add Groups', located above the Groups table.
  4. On the 'Add a Group' page, fill in the fields, and click 'Add'.


'Add a Group' Options

Field NameDescription
 NameRecord the name of your group. This is a required field.
 DescriptionRecord a brief description of the group. This helps other users and future administrators understand the purpose of the group.
 OpenThis is a check box to indicate whether anyone can join, or if users may only be added by the group owner.
StatusGroups may be Active or Suspended.


For more information on Groups and COUs, see