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Step-by-step Guide on How to Configure a CO

After a CO has been created, there are a variety of options available to configure it to meet the needs of a particular collaboration. Adjust the configuration to meet the needs of your particular collaboration.

  1. On the COmanage Registry home page, there is a table of COs. Click on the one to be configured.
  2. On the CO page, click on the drop down menu, 'Configuration' and then 'CO Settings'.
  3. Review the default settings and modify based on the needs of your CO.


CO Configuration Options

ParameterDescriptionDefault setting
Disable ExpirationDisable automatic (scheduled) expirations.
This setting does not impact manual expirations
Enable NormalizationData entered into a form field is standardized into a structure more consistent with human language. For additional details, see Normalizing Data in the COmanage Technical Manual.On
Enable NSF DemographicsCOmanage Registry supports the collection of NSF Demographic Information. This information is attached to the CO Person record, meaning it is unique per-CO. For additional details, see Collecting NSF Demographics in the COmanage Technical Manual. Off
Invitation Validity (Minutes)When confirming an email address (done via an "invitation"), the length of time (in minutes) the confirmation link is valid for (default is 1 day = 1440 minutes)1440
Address Required FieldsThis sets the minimum information needed for a person's address within a CO. Street
Name Required Fields

This sets the minimum information needed for a person's name within a CO.

Given Name
Name Permitted FieldsThis sets all the allowed information for a person's name within a CO.Honorific, Given, Middle, Family, Suffix
Terms and Conditions ModeHow to handle Terms and Conditions at login, if any are defined. See Terms and ConditionsDo Not Enforce
Sponsor Eligibility ModeWhich CO People are eligible to sponsor CO Person RolesCO or COU Admin