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Companion doc to Technical Roadmap

COmanage Product Roadmap (Functional)

COmanage, a collaboration management platform, has been in progress for several years. We have explored many ways of solving some of the complex problems around allowing the tools used for collaboration - wikis, mailing lists, and more - to interoperate in a federated environment for organizations that have no brick-and-mortar defining them. As the work continues, we have laid out the plans for the next several years, focusing our efforts on two large collaborative organizations (CO) - LIGO and iPlant - and any smaller CO interested in the tools and methodologies we are developing.

Primary Market = Large inter-institutional research groups and collaborative organizations
Secondary Markets = education and research-related committees, small inter-institutional research groups and collaborative organizations

Already completed in the COmanage effort

  • Creation and demonstration of prototype instances
  • Evaluation of possible downloadable/VM instance
  • Initial collaboration with international groups
  • NSF grant approval (Award 1032468)
  • Creation of a REST API for authentication and group provisioning
  • Several requirements gathering session with initial CO (LIGO, iPlant)
    • Generalized strategy for what all VO will need to consider, based on experience with participating CO

Expected deliverables

Year one (2010-2011)

  • Complete initial requirements gathering from participating CO *DONE*
  • Develop a Registry of Domesticated Applications *DONE*
  • Within the primary CO, COmanage will be implemented with appropriate UI for the CO *IN PROGRESS*
  • Extensive outreach with other international collaborative platform efforts *ESTABLISHED*
  • Web services presentation of COmanage services for use by other applications, gateways, portals, etc. *DONE*
  • Presentations will be made at Internet2 member meetings and the LIGO and iPlant all-hands meetings or other CO-appropriate forum *DONE*

Year two (2011-2012)

  • Additional federated SSH architectures and implementations will be added to the toolkit, leveraging work within IETF and in Project Moonshot *IN PROGRESS*
  • Creation of a User-driven Provisioning/de-provisioning library
  • Create a flexible enrollment workflow to bring individuals in to COmanage *IN PROGRESS*
  • Develop OpenSocial toolkit for other COs and tools to present COmanage *See the CoCoA effort*
  • Hold an international meeting with CO architects and developers to discuss specific and unique IAM needs in the research collaboration environment *DONE*

Year three (2012-2013)

  • Privilege management basics within Grouper for leveraging within COmanage
  • Demonstrate an active, production instance of COmanage within a participating CO
  • A toolkit for CO
  • General release of COmanage (v1.0)
  • Create a business model for a service instance, and determine levels of support with/for the participating CO
  • Review progress and status and report back to funding agencies, international collaborators, and other interested parties on lessons learned, successes and failures of COmanage effort

Out of initial scope (but still on the list)

  • Customizations based on secondary markets
  • Support of domain-specific tools within a COmanage instance
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