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The Email Self-Service Dashboard Widget (EmailWidget) is a Registry Dashboard plugin that provides a simple interface for end-users to add and remove email addresses.


<draft>The Email Self-Service Dashboard Widget is available in COmanage Registry version 4.1.0. </draft>


  • The Email Self-Service Dashboard widget is intended to be very simple to use and is aimed at end-users rather than administrators. It lacks the feature-richness (and therefore complexity) of the email listing currently available in a user's profile page.
  • Email verification takes place immediately when a user adds an email address. A six-character token is sent to the email address supplied by the user using a pre-defined message template. The user must copy the token into the widget to complete the verification process and add the email address. The token has a ten-minute timeout before it expires.
  • A default email address type can be established in the widget configuration. All addresses added using the widget will be of this type. If no type is configured, email addresses added using the widget will fall back to type "Official".
  • <draft>The widget may be used in conjunction with a provisioning filter plugin that can prioritize which email address will be used during provisioning. By setting the filter to use the default type provided by this widget as the first choice, administrators can prioritize an end-user's choice of email address.</draft>


  1. This is a non-core plugin, see Installing and Enabling Registry Plugins for more information.

  2. Once the plugin is enabled, the Email Self-Service Dashboard Widget (presented as EmailWidget in the Plugin drop-down) should be added to a dashboard and configured. Configuration options are:
    1. Default Email Type: this type will be given to any email address added using this widget. If left blank "Official" will be used.
    2. Message template: the message template used for sending the email verification message to the user. If undefined, the email subject will default to "Your email verification code", and the email body will default to "Please copy the following code into the Email Address panel in COmanage Registry to verify your email address."