COmanage Registry can verify email addresses by sending a confirmation URL to the address. This process varies according to how the email address was obtained.

  • An official organizational email address collected as part of a Petition will be marked verified once confirmed.
  • An email address can be manually verified by selecting the email address for editing (via the appropriate Org Identity or CO Person record) and then clicking the Verify button.

Additionally, future enhancements will allow

  • Any email address collected as part of a Petition to be verified (CO-757)
  • IdP asserted email addresses to automatically be flagged verified (CO-756)
  • Only verified addresses to be provisioned (CO-758)

Once an email address is verified, it is flagged as such in the appropriate Registry record. This can then be used (eg) to determine if the address is suitable for exporting as deliverable, publishing to LDAP, or for identity assurance qualification.

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