Deleting vs Suspending

Deleting a CO will physically remove all data from the database, overriding Changelog Behavior. Once a CO is deleted, its data cannot be recovered (except from backups). A CO can be disabled by instead setting its status to Suspended, leaving the CO in place.

Garbage Collection

Because the length of time required to delete a CO can exceed the web browser timeout, as of Registry v4.0.0 deleting a CO via the web interface will instead mark the CO for deletion by the GarbageCollector Job (part of the Core Job Plugin). The CO can be restored until the GarbageCollector runs.

Provisioned Services

When deleting a CO, it may be more efficient to separately deprovision downstream services, then disabling the relevant Provisioners. For example, turning off the provisioned LDAP server will be faster than deleting each CO Person from the LDAP server one at a time.

Suspending a CO will not disable provisioned services.

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