By default, COmanage Registry uses a simple, invitation based enrollment, described here. More sophisticated enrollment flows can be enabled via Registry Enrollment Flow Configuration. Once at least one enrollment flow is defined (and Active), this default enrollment is disabled.

In order to enroll people into a CO, the CO Administrator must perform the following steps:

  1. Create an Organizational Identity record for the new enrollee, via People >> Organizational Identities. Currently, these records must be created manually, although in the future additional mechanisms such as querying LDAP (CO-36) may be supported.
    1. Be sure to specify an email address for the enrollee.
    2. In order for the enrollee to login to COmanage, you must add an identifier to the Organizational Identity corresponding to the identifier returned by the web server's authentication engine (eg: the value found in $REMOTE_USER under Apache). Be sure to tick Login for the identifier.
  2. Invite the enrollee to the CO, via People >> Invite, or via People >> My Population and then clicking "(plus) Invite".
    1. By default, the invitation is valid for 24 hours. This time is configurable via CO Settings.
  3. The new enrollee will receive an email with an activation link. Upon following the link and clicking Accept, the enrollee will be active in the CO.
  4. Add at least one CO Person Role for the enrollee. (This can be done before the enrollee has accepted the invitation.)
    1. People >> My Population
    2. Click the edit (pencil) icon for the enrollee
    3. Click the "Role Attributes" tab and select "Add"

(warning) Note that while a CO Administrator has the ability to manually manipulate links from Organizational Identities to CO Person records, this should not be used as an alternative to default enrollment as the invitation process will not be correctly completed. The only supported way to create a new CO Person record with default enrollment is described above. If this is not sufficient, customized Enrollment Flows can be created.

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