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See Also: Writing Registry Plugins and Registry Data Filters

The interface for Data Filter Plugins is experimental and may change across minor releases.

The name of the plugin should match the format FooFilter.

Data Filter plugins operate within specified contexts. Currently, all Data Filter plugins are invoked in all contexts, though this may change in a future release. The following contexts are defined:

As of Registry v4.1.0, Data Filter Plugins must declare which context(s) they support in $PLUGIN/Model/FooFilter.php:

// The context(s) this filter supports
public $supportedContexts = array(

Each Data Filter plugin must implement the following function in $PLUGIN/Model/FooFilter.php:

public function filter($context, $dataFilterId, $data) {}


  • context: DataFilterContextEnum (currently will always be ProvisioningTarget)
  • dataFilterId: The ID of the appropriate Data Filter instantiation (ie: cm_data_filters:id)
  • data: An array of data to be filtered, depending on the context
    • OrgIdentitySource: Org Identity data, in the same format as returned by Organizational Identity Source Plugins
    • ProvisioningTarget: Provisioning data, in the same format as passed to Provisioner Plugins
    • (info) This field was labeled $provisioningData prior to Registry v4.1.0.

The function should return an array of the same form passed in $data, or throw an Exception on error.

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