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CoCoA demo thoughts

Required users/roles

P1: CO Admin
U1: Researcher (existing) (
U2: Collaborator (new) (
Note: use the surfguest-accounts!

Pre-Demo Setup

  1. P1 sets up U1 in Cocoa CO (if not already done)
  2. P1 adds U1 to cocoa-users group in Registry (if not already done)
  3. U1 deletes any prior tabs from Conext
  4. U1 deletes group my-scientific-collaboration
  5. U2 deletes any prior tabs from Conext
  6. P1 deletes U2 (including org identity) from Registry

Part 1: Existing Researcher Logs In and Sets Up Collaboration

  1. U1 logs in to Registry and creates a new Group (my-scientific-collaboration)
    1. Make group open
  2. U1 shows group membership in Conext via the SURFteams website
    1. Show the groups in the Comange tab
    2. Show the members of the cocoa-users group (note: email address is of the VO context)
  3. U1 shows off demo portal
    1. U1 creates a new tab
    2. U1 adds the tab to the my-scientific-collaboration group
      1. Click on "team"
    3. U1 adds gadgets to the tab
      1. Notification gadget
        1. Create new notification ("welcome to my collaboration")
      2. SURFteams gadget
      3. Big blue button gadget
  4. U1 shows off the Big Blue Button application
  5. U1 shows off the bandwith-on-demand portal

Part 2: Researcher Invites Collaborator

  1. U1 (not P1!) invites a colleague, U2, via COmanage
    1. U2 invitation (which means starting with admin filling out a form (Name, email)) (COmanage)
      1. Heather SG Collaborator
    2. U2 accepts invitation (COmanage)
    3. U2 Federated login in (COmanage)
    4. U2 fills out personal info in COmanage (maybe focus on required demographics for reports?)
      1. Add to cocoa-users and my-scientific-collaboration groups
  2. U2 goes to Conext portal to see the tools that are available
    1. Create new tab and assign to my-scientific-collaboration
    2. Add notification gadget
    3. Show notification


  • Focus on the simple and talk about more complex enrollment possibilities
  • Point out this can be a campus-only tool, encouraging cross disciplinary research, or it can be a fully federated tool, easily bringing in other collaborators from off campus

Presenter Requirements for COmanage


Presenter Requirements for Connext


Closing & Q&A (10 min)

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