Supported Standard Operations
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See co_settings for definitions of attributes.

Sample Record

  "name_default_type_id": 130,
  "address_required_fields": "street",
  "name_permitted_fields": "honorific,given,middle,family,suffix",
  "name_required_fields": "given,family"

Supported Filters

(warning) Viewing all CO Settings without an additional filter is not supported.

View (all)

Additional filters:

  • co_id (This filter may be used to find the correct entry for the desired CO)

Example: Obtain the CO Settings for the specified CO

GET /registry/api/v2/co_settings?co_id=2

Implementation Notes

  • Exactly one record per CO is expected, but the record ID may not correlate to the CO ID. Use View (all) to find the record ID from the CO ID.
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