Email Lists are data structures that associate CO Groups and Group Memberships with listservs. Email Lists are available as of Registry v3.1.0.Registry does not provide actual message delivery capabilities, but rather maintains metadata about lists in order to provision list management software using Provisioner Plugins that support Email List objects. Email List-aware provisioners include:

Several groups can be attached to an Email List in order to define both list membership and roles for the list. The following are currently supported:

  • Members
  • Administrators
  • Moderators

As an example, if you create a email list called "Researchers" and attach the CO Group "Biologists" as its members group, then any valid CO Person who is a member of Biologists will be subscribed to the Researchers list in the mailing list management software. The actual privileges assigned to members, administrators, and moderators are determined by the specific mailing list software.

The list name will typically become the left hand side of the list's email address.

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