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COmanage should drop support for Pooled Organizational Identities.


  1. There is a significant amount of complex logic for handling both pooled and unpooled deployments. Dropping support will allow for removal of this code and simplify maintenance of the codebase.
  2. Some registry capabilities (such as Extended Types) do not support pooled organizational identities. Removing the capability makes for a more consistent feature set.
  3. Removing this option will simplify deployment for new adopters.


  1. There will be no easy way to share organizational identities across COs. Each CO will require its own copy of each organizational identity.


(tick) Accepted

Organizational Identity Pooling is mostly a historical feature that is no longer required. Originally, all organizational identities were pooled, however this led to problems in multitenant deployments. In newer deployments, the requirement for permeability of organizational identities across boundaries can instead be met with use of COUs.

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