With the exception of certain CO Group related operations, Registry v4 does not support bulk operations. This is an often-requested feature with significant complexity under the hood.


Like many PE features, bulk operations will leverage plugins. Plugins will register which models they support. The user and application flow will be as follows:

  1. Models (eg: People, Groups) that support bulk operations will have a button or menu item to enter bulk operation mode.
  2. The user will be redirected to the People Picker Landing Page (CFM-289) (or for non-People models the index page will offer a set of checkboxes) to indicate which entities are of interest.
  3. After selecting the set of entities, Registry will determine which plugins support the selected model and present the list to the user to select the appropriate action (eg: "Change Person Status").
  4. The plugin will receive control of the request, and may request additional action parameters (eg: "Desired New Status").
  5. The plugin will queue the action for processing via Job Command. This is because some bulk operations may take longer to complete than the browser timeout. This also implies these plugins will also be of type job.
  6. Plugins will process the bulk request, and handle any associated updates (eg: HistoryRecords).

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