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About COmanage Registry Release 1.0.0

Please check the main page of the COmanage wiki for the most current release.

Internet2 is pleased to announce the release of COmanage Registry version 1.0.0. COmanage Registry is a full-featured, stable person registry designed to meet the needs of Virtual Organizations (VOs) with distinct identity and access management requirements. Over the last several years, the COmanage team has expanded the platform from a very basic registry service to one with the flexibility and feature set to meet the needs of most complex virtual organizations. The platform is being used in production at several sites, and the potential for integration with other platforms such as OpenConext has been demonstrated. COmanage v1.0.0 features include:

  • Configurable enrollment processes and templates that support self-enrollment as well as more managed enrollment (e.g., enrollment with approvals, enrollments by administrators, etc.)
  • Delegated management of user populations
  • Configurable notifications around enrollment, expiration, and status changes
  • Group management from simple groups supported directly by COmanage to plugins to support more complex groups using Grouper
  • Various plugins and provisioners to applications that extend the functionality of COmanage, including Grouper, LDAP, and github
  • SSH key management capabilities
  • Account linking to connect multiple campus and/or social identities for the same person, either through self service or via an administrator
  • Automatic identifier assignment, based on configurable rules
  • Automatic expiration to assist with the proper lifecycle management of accounts
  • Collaboration-specific attributes to support specific attribute requirements beyond what may be available from the federated identity home organization
  • Enhanced Terms and Conditions functionality for VOs that have particular legal requirements around participation
  • Fully customizable through the use of Plugins
  • I18n aware
In addition to the overall maturation of functionality, the UI has also undergone significant improvements, including redesigned menus, various usability enhancements, better HTML5 compliance, and improved error messages.


For current deployments running earlier versions, we strongly recommend performing an upgrade on a test deployment prior to upgrading production installations. Information on upgrading is available at:

It will not be possible to upgrade earlier versions past v1.0.0 without first upgrading to v1.0.0. In other words, if you are currently running v0.9.4, you will not be able to directly upgrade to v1.1.0 when it is released. You will need to upgrade to v1.0.0 first.

Full release notes are available at:

In addition, this release coincides with the first security advisory for COmanage. The framework utilized by COmanage Registry has announced (but not yet provided details about) a security advisory, which may affect all versions prior to 1.0.0 (including release candidates). Further details are available at (and updates will be posted to)

We strongly recommend upgrading to v1.0.0, or taking an alternate mitigation approach, as soon as practical.

For further information about COmanage and to download the software, please visit: and

Having reached the v1.0.0 milestone, the platform will continue to evolve as part of both the TIER and CILogon 2.0 initiatives, based on requirements from new and existing deployments. COmanage is funded by Internet2, the National Science Foundation, and other sources.

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