Supported Standard Operations
  • Add
  • Delete
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Additional Operations
  • Generate


See api_users for definitions of attributes.

Sample Record

  "co_id": 2,
  "username": "TestCO.apiuser",
  "api_key": "$2y$10$p/8mPy9hm1OU3tlvV4gHpG.e7ONH1YqBbcXGppxHyDz9awpbYQAfP",
  "status": "A",
  "privileged": true,
  "valid_from": null,
  "valid_through": "2019-06-30T03:59:59+00:00",
  "remote_ip": "/10\.0\.1\.2/"

Supported Filters

View (all)

Additional filters:

  • co_id

Example: Obtain API Users in a given CO

GET /registry/api/v2/api_users?co_id=2

Additional Operations


Generate an API key for an existing object. This call must be made after a successful add request, using the resulting API User ID.

Request Format

RequestPOST /api/v2/api_users/generate/id

Request Body

Empty JSON document (see example, this is not the same as an empty document)


Response Format

HTTP Status

Response Body


200 OK

Update successful

400 Bad Request

Error Response

Attribute validation failed or id not found

401 Unauthorized

Authentication required

500 Internal Server Error

Error Response

Server error

Example: Generate API Key

POST /registry/api/v2/api_key/16
200 OK
  "results": {
    "api_key": "hjem-9725-udxp-2388"

Implementation Notes


api_key is read-only, and may not be updated using Edit. Use Generate instead.

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