We are a Community of Practice in dental medicine working together to guide ICE Health Systems to enable us to advance education, clinical healthcare and research.




 The collaboration is now expanding and welcomes inquiries from new member institutions.



Brief historyThe Collaboration is was created with the vision of contributing substantially to the education, research and clinical work within oral healthcare. We began working with ICE Health Systems to define the requirements for a new generation of Electronic Health Record system. With this system now available, we are working to take full advantage by refining the system to continuously evolve with our needs as well as to fulfill the education, research and clinical objects with which we started.
What is an institution?As part of this next phase of our efforts, we welcome new collaborating institutions. An institution is defined as a dental school, dental/medical facility providing care, research and education services.
What is expected of my institution if we get involved?All collaborators are invited to participate at the level that suits them best. Participation in one or more committees, based on expertise and interest is encouraged as well as involvement at one of the two in-person meetings held each year.
What is the criteria for involvement?Professionals and institutions contribute data to the warehouse on a daily basis. The process is by providing permission for ICE to access and warehouse the data. The contract is found HERE. You are also welcome to contact the collabroation's research committee HERE to inquire further.
Does my institution need to be an ICE client?No. The two main branches of the collaboration are (1) the continued refinement of ICE as the system we have helped develop in order to achieve our goals (2) the governance and utilization of the ICE data warehouse. For the first branch, it does make sense that your institution is using ICE in order for you to have an interest in enhancing the system. For the data warehouse work, there is no requirement or need to be a client of ICE Health Systems. While ICE does provide the services associated with the warehouse, the data governance and work are conducted independent of the health record system.
Is there a cost for being involved? 
What are the benefits of being involved? 


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