We are a Community of Practice in dental medicine working together to guide ICE Health Systems to enable us to advance education, clinical healthcare and research.


The reason for using big data in healthcare is to provide better, more efficient, and more evidence-based clinical care...Big Data also will change the way we define and diagnose oral diseases (Glick, 2015 Jada 146(11) 793-794)


To support the Research and Business Intelligence, ICE has developed the ICE Big Data warehousing including data from the range of clinics, including private and community clinics, corporate practices and universities. Through the adoption of industry-wide standards and interoperability, ad hoc queries across single or combined data sets are possible--appropriate IRB approval and patient consents provided.



How clinics provide permissionProfessionals and institutions contribute data to the warehouse on a daily basis. The process is by providing permission for ICE to access and warehouse the data. The contract is found HERE. You are also welcome to contact the collabroation's research committee HERE to inquire further.
Can researchers outside the Collaboration access the data?Yes. The data warehouse exists to support learning and inquiry. All those wanting access to the data warehouse are required to complete THIS form. You can also contact the collaboration research committee HERE to inquire further.
Data governanceThe data is governed through the research committee on behalf of the Collaboration. All permissions and access requests are made to the research committee. ICE Health Systems provides the technology and hosting for the data warehouse. Oversight of the activities and security of ICE's efforts are also conducted by the research committee.
What data is includedThe data held within ICE is considerable and covers a wide range of important information. These data include demographic, health, clinical, outcome, financial and more. Through integrations the data included continues to grow.
How do I contribute data?Professionals and institutions are welcome to contribute their data. The contract to do so is found HERE and you are welcome to contact the research committee HERE to engage in an exploratory discussion about this opportunity. Thank you for your consideration.
How do I access the data?The Collaboration has an IRB approval that considers all requests. The application for access to data is found HERE.
Just how much data is currently availableThe warehouse is updated daily. It includes data from millions of patients in multiple countries. It is the largest, most extensive and most updated data pool for oral healthcare.
Is there data from more than one country?Yes. Professionals contributing data are based in multiple countries and the number continues to grow.


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