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CAMP: Exploring and Supporting Federated Access

An InCommon Federation Primer and Forum for Discussion

June 21-23, 2010

Raleigh, North Carolina

NOTE: Resources for many of the CAMP sessions are now available (slide decks and session notes)

Thinking about joining the InCommon Federation, but want to know more about what's involved? Already an InCommon participant and want to find out what's new in the Federation? Either way, consider attending the CAMP: Exploring and Supporting Federated Access.

The meeting will feature technical and management sessions for organizations new to federated identity and those already in production. Organizations exploring federated identity should also consider attending the pre-meeting seminar The Big Picture: Introduction to Federated Identity Management to learn more about what it is and how it fits into your identity and access management infrastructure.

For those exploring federated identity, you can:

  • Hear case studies of "Why InCommon?" and discuss the value proposition
  • Learn what it takes to get your organization federating as an identity or service provider
  • Link up with consultants, services, and experienced colleagues
  • Leave with concrete practice information and a local action plan

Current InCommon participants with production installations will have a forum to discuss management and technical strategies and:

  • Learn about emerging practices such as the use of uApprove, an attribute release policy viewer
  • Discover how to get more out of your participation 
  • Find out how your colleagues talk to stakeholders and new partners to catalyze new relationships
  • Discuss future opportunities such as state federations and operational topics, including federated incident response
  • Contribute to the ongoing development of the federation

For smaller and larger schools alike, the meeting offers IT managers, policy and security staff, and technical implementers the chance to learn more about how to federate successfully and the current federating opportunities. Companies interested in offering services to help get participants up and running in the Federation will also find a forum for outreach and discussion.

Come to CAMP to get going with — or get more out of — InCommon.

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What's New?

Resources (slide decks and notes) are posted.

Check out the current registration list.

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Want a bit of intro? Listen to IAM Online archived session with John O'Keefe and learn how Lafayette College leveraged their existing identity management infrastructures to provide single sign-on access to resources both on- and off-campus.

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