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Buddy Groups formed at CAMP in Philadelphia, June 2009

Several Buddy Groups were proposed on the final morning of CAMP in Philadelphia. These are groups that can organize as desired -- through conference calls or emails -- to share access management information and experiences going forward.


Leader: Todd M. Tomashek, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
Scott Fullerton, University of Wisconsin,
Rob Carter, Duke,
Liz Salley, University of Michigan, salley@BF.UMICH.EDU
Donna Tatro, Princeton,

Sun IdM

Leader: Tom Dopirak, CMU,
Bob Landsparger, Michigan Tech,
Rhian Resnick, Florida Institute of Technology,
Jim Beard, University of Oregon,
David Bantz, University of Alaska,
Jens Haeusser, UBC,  jens.haeusser@UBC.CA

Kuali Identity Management (KIM)

Leader: Jens Haeusser, UBC,  jens.haeusser@UBC.CA
Tom Barton, Univ of Chicago,
R.L. Bob Morgan, Univ of Washington,

TOPIC: Sharing experiences with and developing practices for workflow

Mike McDermott, Brown
U Penn
U Wash
Penn Sate
UBC can share information

Note: All interested in the workflow topic are invited to join the discussion on the  ITANA calls. See 

TOPIC: How to analyze campus group and role issues and determine how to proceed

This is a general startup issue

Make this an [AI] for the MACE-paccman working group

Note as of 30-June-09 : The MACE-paccman working group briefly discussed this [AI] at their call on 25-Jun-09.  They needed  more clarification on what this topic involves if they are to consider working on it in some form.

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