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Organizations as Subjects

Elizabeth Salley, University of Michigan

University of Michigan has recently rolled out a sponsor system for managing affiliates.

Units around campus define the person who is an authority. That authority can delegeate to one or more person in their area.

A person must be a current regular U-M employee to be an administrator on the system. Must have completed the admin. access and compliance training and must attest to be a good steward of the system. The med center has their own very robust IdM system.

When the University of Michigan moved from a human home-grown system into web services, there was a need to think through requirements again.

Q: So a trust relationship had to be established with the Medical Center to do this. Did you have to build a policy infrastructure?

A: Yes, our developers of this web service originally designed a very complicated way of enforcing this trust relationship.
But a short term solution was just a signed agreement between the two organizations.

Tried to keep it simple. Will have more of these and will try to find a better way of encoding this into the system for future partnerships.

Q: So medical center is responsible for auditing changes?

A: We track the fact that the medical center made a particular change. We assume that the medical center captures more details to the level required for them.

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