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CAMP Pre-Conference Program

Getting Started with Federated Identity Management

Wednesday November 13, 1:30--5:00 pm

Bayside II Room on 1st Floor of Hotel





1:30-2:00 pm 

Introduction and Overview

Renee Shuey, Penn State

2:00-2:25 pm

Introduction to Identity Management (IdM) and Federation 
(Download slides - PPT)

Nathan Dors, University of Washington

2:25-2:55 pm 

Breakout Exercise #1 (Drawing your environment and discussing use cases and trust relationships)


2:55-3:10 pm

Break with Refreshments


3:10-3:25 pm

Report-out from Breakout Exercise #1


3:25-3:50 pm

Security Implications of IdM and Federated IdM
(Download slides - PPT)

JaneMarie Duh, Lafayette College

3:50-4:20 pm

Breakout Exercise #2 (Focus on the InCommon Federation Participant Operating Practices)


4:20-4:30 pm

Report-out from Breakout Exercise #2


4:30-4:50 pm

Introduction to InCommon and How to Get Started
(Download slides - PDF)

Steve Thorpe, MCNC

4:50-5:00 pm  

Q&A and Wrap-up 

Renee Shuey, Penn State

5:00 pm



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