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  • Chris Phillips, CANARIE (chair) 
  • Warren Anderson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee /LIGO 
  • Tom Barton, University of Chicago 
  • Rob Carter, Duke  
  • Karen Herrington, Virginia Tech
  • Todd Higgins, Franklin & Marshall College
  • Tom Jordan, University of Wisc - Madison  
  • Christos Kanellopoulos, GEANT  


  • Kevin Morooney
  • Ann West  
  • Steve Zoppi 
  • Nick Roy 
  • Jessica Coltrin
  • Emily Eisbruch
  • Romy Bolton
  • Mike Zawacki 


  • Les LaCroix, Carleton College 
  • Nathan Dors, U Washington  
  • Jill Gemmill, Clemson 
  • Marina Adomeit, GEANT 


Zoom security issue 

Welcome New Internet2 Staff

  • Jessica Coltrin,  InCommon Community Advocacy Program Manager
      • has been the InCommon TAC rep to CACTI,  (previously Jessica was with Portland State U and Kuali Foundation)
      • Jessica will be handling processes around working groups and engagement
      • Looking at new ways of working with the community in addition to  working groups
  • Romy Bolton, Project Manager
      • replacing Eric Murtha. Erin is now  focusing on Training and Collaboration Success program 
      • Romy comes to us from U of Iowa

eduroam Advisory Committee charter 

        • consultation is live, ends July 24
        • Good feedback from the community so far on this consultation
        • Have promoted the draft charter consultation on the regular month calls w regional networks
        • ChrisP will work with MikeZ  to get addressing the input on the agenda for an upcoming CACTI call
        • Membership on eduroam Advisory Committee:
          • There are already  3-4 volunteers to serve on the eduroam Advisory Committee.
          • Jessica will likely help with the nomination process.  

TNC roundtable / debrief

      • Chris, Ann, Tom, Nick, Marina, Christos  attended
        • OIDC Federation challenges (link to presentation track)
          • Concern about trend of decreasing participation on the calls
          • next draft to be submitted to IETF
          • High level of complexity to support the new model of OPENID connect, as complex or more than multilateral SAML
          • Is proxying good enough?
          • ChrisP: trust model is critical regardless of protocol
        • InCommon Federation MDQ work is promising

      • Australian access federation and VerifID
        •  interesting work with service providers to monetize attributes. 
        • Services like VerifID are used to provide evidence of studentness.
        • VerifID has tried to join InCommon, but schools have not wanted to sponsor VerifID. 
        • Some fear of VerifID potential use of attributes. Australian Access Federation (AAF) has solved this and it helps offset fees for participation in the AAF 
        •  GEANT wants to be able to verify studentness also, to help with student mobility
      • SURF model of release of R&S attributes to provider, Intermediary between IDP and SP,  like verification but higher purpose. Brokering name and email address, not just studentness 
      • Goal to increase friendliness for users  and for SPs 
      • Strong authentication is becoming more prominent and may be putting pressure on the MFA story
      • Prediction that Username and password will become weird (cease to be used regularly) in a few years; Web  authentication (Webauthn) will become the norm, FIDO technologies moving along. We should talk with the Shib consortium about supporting this
      • Comment: Authorization is more important than authentication to SPs. It’s about release of info/attributes
      • What is the role of the IDP in the Webauthn world?
      • In Europe, in many cases, campus IDPs are not involved with student management systems. Going towards an attribute centric approach.
      • For LIGO there is value for the IDP to be doing identity matching, this is a value the campus ID will continue to have in WebAuthN world

      • Federation 2.0 F2F Working Group meeting after TNC was productive.
        1. Defined 2 axes and their semantics
          1. Agency, autonomous and directed
          2. Opportunity, from limited to abundant 
        • There will be four stories, one for each quadrant
        • To frame strategies for R&E federations to consider adopting
        • Diverse group participated
        • Will do gap analysis and prepare for possible futures
        • The Federation 2.0 group will wrap up early in 2020

      •   Baseline Expectations at TNC

Same Site Chrome browser update cause grief (Nick or maybe Nathan?)

Topics being tracked

  • "Sign In With Apple": WUWT? 
  • Continue prioritizing CACTI FIM4R recommendations (Chris/Jill)

    • infrastructure, services to end users, software dev, infrastructure as  a service, and outreach and education
    • Focus of conversation: to identify high priority items/quick wins in the above areas
      • Build on last meetings outcomes focusing on the 5 areas we highlighted 

  • ID Pro (Chris has next touch point)
  • Future Agenda items: Attribute release issues

Next Call: Tuesday, July 23, 2019

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