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CACTI call of Tuesday, Aug  20, 2019




  • Chris Phillips, CANARIE (chair) 
  • Tom Barton, University of Chicago  
  • Rob Carter, Duke  
  • Jill Gemmill, Clemson  
  • Karen Herrington, Virginia Tech    
  • Les LaCroix, Carleton College 


  • Kevin Morooney 
  • Ann West 
  •  Nick Roy
  • Emily Eisbruch
  • Mike Zawacki


  • Marina Adomeit, GEANT
  • Warren Anderson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee /LIGO 
  • Nathan Dors, U Washington  
  • Todd Higgins, Franklin & Marshall College  
  • Tom Jordan, University of Wisc - Madison   
  • Christos Kanellopoulos, GEANT  
  • Steve Zoppi, Internet2 
  •  Jessica Coltrin, Internet2 


New Representatives

  • Les volunteered to be on InCommon TAC for CACTI
  • Matt Economou from InCommon TAC to be attending CACTI meetings
    • Contractor working for National Institute of Infectious Diseases, but representing himself on InCommon TAC
    • Familiar w Shib, SATOSA, ADFS, works on Infrastructure

Affirmation that the eduROAM Advisory Committee Charter can proceed (Chris/Nick MikeZ)

    • Actions taken are in the eduroam AC charter consultation wiki:
    • Ready to go with this charter
    • Mike Z will work with Jessica on next steps on launching 
      •  getting the charter into the Doc Repository
      •  recruiting for and convening the working group
    • There will be a CACTI rep on the eduroam AC, to be appointed later
    • Good to see  the eduroam AC spinning up soon.

Report out from BaseCAMP Aug 13-15, 2019  

      • 62 attendees
        • Glad to see 30% women
      • Post BaseCAMP survey asked , would  you come back / recommend?
        • 33 % responded to survey.  20 people. All 20 said yes they would come back/recommend. They learned something useful
      • Faculty (counselors) did a great job,  material was good, caring came through from the faculty
        • Four to one ratio of attendees to faculty, providing help for those with questions  or needing mentoring
      • Great step toward bigger tent for InCommon
      • AnnW: the Service Provider track was well attended even though only 2 service providers attending
      • Many universities offer their own services and were interested 
      • Worked hard  on a warm welcoming environment.  Called on people to tell their stories. This helped show diversity. 
      • Did appreciations at end of BaseCAMP, similar to end of  Advance CAMP
      • Plan to create lists for attendees to continue connecting
      • Tried to make logical connection between baseCAMP and CAMP (at TechEx) and ACAMP (at TechEx)
      • Important to introduce and define technical terms
      • Hit the target goals quite well
      • Dinner -- with counselors taking a small group to a restaurant to discuss a certain theme for Q and A -- went well.
        • We should do more of that approach for conference dinners
      • There were also some attendees who were more experienced.
      • Next time we could perhaps better meet their needs for focused training.
      • But Important to keep focused on new people. 
      • What is the right frequency for baseCAMP? Make it shorter and more regional? Currently next baseCAMP would be one year from now
      • Cyclical graph in the slides showing how this relates to rest of the Trust and Identity program for rest of year.   
      • How does baseCAMP relate to IDPRO effort?
        • baseCAMP targets our community really well.
        • We also need to keep “feeding” and growing our InCommon community, which is a slightly different goal from IDPRO
      • Training plans include a cycle, to include trusted access platform component training, such as for COmanage, MidPoint, Grouper, Shib,
      • Some interest from Europeans in the training model being developed
      • On 1st day of baseCAMP, Tom Jordon laid out basic functionality of identity and IAM program services
      • 2nd day talked about how business architecture maps to technology and solutions

    • COmanage
      • A lot of interest in COmanage at BaseCAMP
      • Collaboration Success Program (CSP) is open for organizations to express interest.
        •  InCommon Collaboration Success Program
        • Many of those who have expressed interest in CSP are interested in COmanage, some interested in using COmanage as  a person registry, there are discussions post baseCAMP about using COmanage for the person registry purpose.  
      • Also there are discussions about having COmanage modules that can be downloaded. 
      • Looking at best packaging for COmanage within the Trusted Access  Platform.
        • Paul Caskey is doing some of this work around COmanage packaging.
      • Jill: sounds like people are interested  in enterprise functions of COmanage.
      •  For research community, cross institutional collaboration is important
      • NCSA is using COmanage this way.
      • Some overlap between research and enterprise use cases for COmanage. Can need a data store in either case
      • Les: there are opportunities for training in solutions other than Shibboleth
      • There is interest in using OKTA and also the Trusted  Access Platform software solutions 
      • Q: Are there plans to share the BaseCAMP materials more widely?
      • There  will be a blog in the next Trust and Identity newsletter.
      • Could also send a link to the EDUCAUSE IDM list
      • For next BaseCAMP,  there may be some materials provided ahead of time by video.

Spaces for Regulated  Data

      • Jill noted there is an Interesting use case around secure space and campuses building places for work on regulated data
      • Includes sharing of data in some cases
      • There was a workshop at PEARC in Pittsburgh    
      • Some sessions at most recent PEARC conf in Chicago
      • GlobusWorld has discussed this at their meetings
      • This topic is  on Tom Barton’s radar
      • Perhaps  there is no active collaborative community wide approach
      • Good issue for CACTI to think about
      • Researchers care a lot about this.
      • Good agenda topic for a future call
      • AI Nick add this to agenda for future CACTI call 

Annual member cycle for committees (ChrisP, Jessica not able to join today )

      • CACTI has 2 possible member terms ending in 2019 for the new process.

FIM4R recommendations, next set of priorities based on

Next Call: Tuesday, Sept 3, 2019


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