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CACTI call of April 16, 2019



  • Chris Phillips, CANARIE (chair)
  • Marina Adomeit, GEANT project
  • Rob Carter, Duke
  • Jessica Coltrin, Portland State University, liaison from InCommon TAC
  • Nathan Dors, U Washington  
  • Jill Gemmill, Clemson  
  • Tom Jordan, University of Wisc - Madison   
  • Christos Kanellopoulos, GEANT  
  • Les LaCroix, Carleton College


  • Kevin Morooney
  • Ann West
  • Steve Zoppi
  • Nick Roy
  • Emily Eisbruch
  • Mike Zawacki


  • Warren Anderson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee /LIGO
  • Tom Barton, University of Chicago   
  • Karen Herrington, Virginia Tech   
  • Todd Higgins, Franklin & Marshall College  

New Action Items

AI (MikeZ, NickR, Rob Carter) discuss drafting eduroam TAC charter



  • Review the  CACTI FIM4R recommendations and consider priorities for the discussion, strategies for helping us identify and converge on a common set of priorities.


Baseline Expectations Update

  • CTAB developed  and implemented  Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation to raise trust across the board,
  • Did away with the older Participants Operations Practices (POP), which  did not scale well
  • CTAB developed Baseline Expectations (BE) for all participants in the InCommon Federation (SPs , IDP, and Federation Operator)
  • BE was put into place over past year
  • All participants were asked to adhere by Dec 14, 2018
  • CTAB reached out to all the organizations not meeting BE
  • Notice to remove on May 15, 2019 those entities we have not been able to reach and that are not meeting BE
  • There are 16 orgs with entities on the list, AnnW emailed those
  • AnnW has also reached out to “bilateral” entities with a notice
    • CTAB has not put the bilateral entities on the list to be removed from metadata as of May 15. They represent lower  list
  • This is a watershed moment. We have never intentionally removed an InCommon participant because they did not meet a community standard.
  • There will be a note to the inCommon Participants list about entities that are being removed from metadata

Issue of Certain Service Providers Not Embracing Multilateral Federation

  • It was noted there are challenges and disappointments of certain Service Providers not doing multilateral trust

Continue prioritizing CACTI FIM4R recommendations 

  • Build on last meetings outcomes focusing on the 5 areas we highlighted:
      • infrastructure
      • services to end users
      • software dev
      • infrastructure as  a service
      • outreach and education
  • Where does Baseline Expectations fit in the above 5 area?
      • It crosses into several of these 5 areas.
      • Perhaps most strongly, infrastructure as a service
  • Focus of conversation: to identify high priority items/quick wins in the above areas
  • Component Architects Group will provide input to CACTI on their proposed plans  in about 2 months.

Collaboration as a service is being worked on in several venues / programs / contexts:

  • Eduteams
  • CILogon
  • InCommon TAC IDP as a Service WG
  • Internet2 Collaboration Platform - this is a long term strategy to use Trusted Access Platform to streamline creation of working groups using Confluence, email lists, JIRA
  • Hope to eventually leverage the Internet2 Collab Platform for one stop shopping into services the community finds of use
  • Important to capture lessons learned as we roll out the Internet2 Collab Platform. For example to take note of  how much staff time is needed to roll  out collab infrastructure.

  • There is current effort to take lessons learned from TIER program and use them towards the Trusted Access  Platform
  •  Jill offered to help with research outreach
  • Two slide decks may be needed, for different audiences  

  • It was noted that the GEANT  eduteams project is around working on facilitating collaborations.
  • In Collaboration as a Service, is there duplication of effort between Internet2 and GEANT?
  • These  are primarily complementary efforts
  • It was noted that discussions are in progress on support models between CILogon and Internet2

CACTI formation of InCommon eduroam Technical Advisory Committee

  • identifying interested CACTI members and/or other interested parties to work on a eduroam TAC charter.
    • MikeZ: there is a need for eduroam advisory body. This is not so technical, it’s a way to engage with the community around business operations, contractual questions,
    • Currently eduroam engagement with the community has been ad hoc, want something more formal, especially as we look at eduroam k12 deployments
    • A first step may be development of a charter
    • Draft charter can help provide a framewor
    • Next Steps  AI (MikeZ, NickR, Rob Carter) discuss drafting eduroam TAC charter

      Additional discussion
    • It was noted that InCommon has  Steering Committee as top level and TAC under that.
    • For eduroam, we need one group to be both the policy and technical advisory group.  Needs to be cross cutting.
    • Historical perspective: The founding InCommon TAC drove architecture, wrote the FOP, Federation Operating Practices.  
    • This new eduroam body would report to CACTI and then to the PAG?  
             Kevin: it may depend on the types of issues being tackled
    • Important to  involve some networking people in the eduroam TAC, this can be specified in the eduroam TAC charter
    • Eduroam is perceived to be  static service, but things , strategic and technical that are happening in the wireless space that require need for change.
    • It was noted that campuses running eduroam IdPs also need to support users in setting up their devices

Upcoming Topics

  1. URN registry transfer
  2. Send a last message to MACE-DIR list telling people to move discussions to the REFEDS schema list, then mark the li st as fully moderated, auto-reply should direct people to new list. (Keith H volunteered to do this)
    • web authentication (Fido/W3C Webauthn)
    • idPro
    • Close-out of MACE-DIR transition to REFEDS


Next Call: Tuesday, April 30, 2019