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CACTI Call of Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019



  • Chris Phillips, CANARIE (chair) 
  • Marina Adomeit, SUNET 
  • Warren Anderson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee /LIGO 
  • Rob Carter, Duke  
  • Tom Jordan, University of Wisc - Madison    
  • Christos Kanellopoulos, GEANT  
  • Les LaCroix, Carleton College  
  • Matthew Economou, InCommon TAC Representative to CACTI  


  • Nick Roy
  • Jessica Coltrin
  • Emily Eisbruch 
  • Mike Zawacki 
  • Erin Murtha 
  • Paul Caskey


  • Tom Barton, University of Chicago  
  • Nathan Dors, U Washington  
  • Jill Gemmill, Clemson   
  • Karen Herrington, Virginia Tech    
  • Todd Higgins, Franklin & Marshall College
  • Kevin Morooney, Internet2 
  • Ann West, Internet2 
  • Steve Zoppi, Internet2 

Next Action Item from this Call

AI (Chris and Nick) discuss a potential CACTI sponsored working group to support training material efforts.
Will be important to find a sponsor from CACTI membership.

Pre-Read Materials


Updates from Recent Meetings  (Nick)


and OIDF workshop 

    • Lot of interesting topics at these two conferences
    • OPENID 
      • Webauthn , good session from John Bradly
      • Roland OPENID Federation work, still questions on policy expression, being worked out
      • George Fletcher 45 min on browser samsite cookie and impact on OPENID connect and other platforms
      • Can find on OPENID foundation website
    • IIW - interesting meeting
      • Session led by Pam Dingle, Microsoft, SSO, the Soap Opera, the story told over time
      • Microsoft and Liberty Alliance and Project Hailstorm
    • Roland will be at Hackathon at TechEx Dec. 10, 2019
    • Interest in FastFed  Work
    • Business Development for SSID companies, they are struggling with what the business case is
    • Intersection with Higher Ed
    • Marina: there is incubator environment in case there is interest work to be done
    • Christos: Self-sovereign Identity and Distributed Ledgers are being discussed
    • Some questions about the business case
    • People talk about joining them with governmental IDs 
    • Problem is more easily solved with certificates or other traditional methods.

CACTI Nominations

  • Blog on Nominations  
  • Reminder that CACTI nominations are open until Oct 15th, Decision to extend nominations until  Oct 30.
  • have someone to nominate? Nominate them 
  • So far, 5 people have been nominated for CACTI
  • How to get visibility in non traditional places? Such as science platforms… feel free  to nominate

CACTI FIM4R recommendations

InCommon Academy launched  Fall 2019

        • InCommon Academy is to help people get going with InCommon
        • From beginners to more advanced support
        • CAMP, Advance CAMP, 
        • Component Training (on component by component basis) 
          • Shib (has been taught for about 10 years), 
          • Grouper (taught by Grouper team), 
          • COmanage (taught by Spherical Cow Group) and 
          • MidPoint (taught by Evolveum),
        • Plan is once in spring and once in Fall for each component training
        • Hope to launch an LMS in the spring 2020
        • Will introduce digital badging, for professional recognition
        • Hope to add solution based training

 Collaboration Success Program (CSP)

      • For 1st CSP, (the TIER Campus Success Program), there was great feedback, no charge
      • CSP alumni have stayed very engaged.
      • This time there is a 20K subscription fee
      • 6 campuses signed up so far, in conversation with others
      • Subscription Includes 4 seats to training
      •  Targets 4 common solutions
      • Working inside of a cohort
      • About 10 campuses at a time
      • Priority access to subject matter experts
      • Slack has been a  popular way to collaborate for CSP
      • Also some big group calls
      • There will be a F2F   Oct 24-25 2019 at Colorado School of Mines
      • Wed afternoon at Tech Ex there will be a CSP session
      • Work together Jan. to March 2020
      • Present at Global Summit 2020
      • Giving back is an important part of CSP
      • Helping the community, giving feedback to the developers
      • Many opportunities for support
      •  Question: Is  there training material to share broadly, including with GEANT? 
      • Federations in Europe request specific training, such as when there is change of personnel. GEANT does Train the Federation operators… it is up to them to further the training within their federation. 
      • Recently there has been discussion of formalizing this.
      • Reliance on the edugain team, which is already burdened.
      • Thinking of collaboration w GEANT learning and development to create a more permanent program for self learning. 
      • Would appreciate any resources from Internet2.  Hope to scale in the future.
      • Erin: Have discussed Train the Trainer for COmanage in Amsterdam. Will work on this after the F2F Oct 24-25..
      • Not a lot to share now on MidPoint and COmanage.
      • There is also a balance since there is a cost associated with taking the in person class.
        • What should be free and what should be provided in class for a fee?
      • Marina: challenging to maintain highly technical materials
      • Erin: with offering the training twice per year, it’s a chance to keep things fresh
      • Warren: Service Provider and Virtual Organization perspective:  hope the training will be aware of the needs there.
      • Paul:
        • we teach what we want reflected in operational practice
        • Provide a default config for releasing R&S attribute bundle
        • InCommon NDQ service
        • For Service Providers , it’s more challenging, the way to integrate w an SP is more varied.  The SP is more art than science, The config is more wide open
      • Warren: 
        • Hope that IDPs can assert R&S / SIRTFI  
        • COmanage is part of the ecosystem, would be good to have that training, 
        • also adding a proxy would be nice to see
      • Matthew:  
        • Gets a lot of support questions from users of IDPS or SPs 
        • Need for END USER training, including on the discovery interface
        • Once we have SP and IDP operators onboard, how do we get application developers clued into these technologies?
        • Augment the training to include them, or provide useful materials to them?
      • Paul: once LMS is online, then we should have small units to address these use cases
      • Christos:
        • How do you plan to track impact of training?
        • A few months later, what has been the impact?
        •  AARC  training left people understanding “this is complex”
        • People would deploy something and then abandon it because it was too complex
        • Training on technologies can be meaningless if people don’t understand the flows
        • Awareness on where to get help is key
        • People can’t always do it themselves
      • Erin: 
        • We do assessment right after class
        • Secondary follow up a few months later is a great idea
        • Erin will follow up with those who attended Grouper Training  in June 2019
        • Suggestion to do survey to registrants in advance of the training, to find out experience level.
        • Paul: in the Shib class, the trainers talk about SAML basics, and assertion basics, go thru devops, how to used containerized resources
        • 101 level training is part of the InCommon Academy,
      • Paul: 
        • Important to pool our resources and create a common library for training materials
  • ChrisP: CACTI may want to investigate sponsoring an effort around training.
  • Nick would be happy to  participate. Need to figure out the scoping
  • AI Chris and Nick will discuss  a potential CACTI sponsored working group to support training material efforts. Will be important to find a sponsor from CACTI membership.

    Other Topics for Future Discussion

Next CACTI Call: Tuesday, October 29, 2019


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