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  • Chris Phillips, CANARIE, chair  
  • Warren Anderson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee /LIGO
  • Tom Barton, U Chicago
  • Rob Carter, Duke
  • Nathan Dors, U Washington
  • Jill Gemmill, Clemson
  • Ann Harding, SWITCH/GEANT 
  • Karen Herrington, Virginia Tech 
  • Todd Higgins, Franklin & Marshall College
  • Tom Jordan, U Wisc - Madison 
  • Christos Kanellopoulos, GEANT
  • Les LaCroix, Carleton College  


  • Kevin Morooney  
  • Ann West  
  • Steve Zoppi   
  • Emily Eisbruch  


Intellectual Property Reminder

Affirm Aug. 22, 2017 CACTI minutes 

Action Items 

Action items:  

New Action Item from this call:

AI (All) Consider providing input to the GEANT New Ideas Submission process


CACTI Work Items

CACTI Work Items list has been updated – with the comments merged into document to track them. Please review and update and or highlight priorities for new business.   

 Identerati Activity Discussion on Aug. 29, 2017

  A small group of CACTi members and Ken Klingenstein met on Aug 29, 2017 to discuss identerati topic. It was a productive discussion around structuring and scoping the activity of gaining intelligence from variety of sources in the international trust and identity community, influencing activities and promulgating information.  A monthly convocation of identerati is not the best approach.  Chris, Karen and Rob volunteered to do mapping of the path forward and relationships we want to maintain. May result in multiple activities.  There will be another call next Tuesday.  Goal:  two  weeks from today to share an outcome (a mapping) with CACTI.  Chris may reach out to Kevin re additional resources. 

Ann Harding suggested leveraging work the AARC Project has done and mapping actors onto that. May need three dimensions, or could use multiple maps based on different themes.  Pizza as a service diagram is of interest - it maps how organizations operate in the as-a-service stack. 

TIER Quarterly Report

The group discussed the TIER Q2 2017 Quarterly Report.pdf

Ann West provided context and background around TIER. The Internet2 community has developed trust and identity software for approximately the past 15 years (such as federated SSO, group and access management etc.) to cover gaps in corporate offerings. Four years ago the community requested Internet2 lead an effort to create sustainable path forward (TIER) to maintain the components and fill remaining gaps.  The community provided start-up funds, including from 49 investor institutions providing 25K each over 3 years. More details on the TIER program are here:

The TIER quarterly reports provide info on what has been accomplished to date.  A campus adoption effort -- called TIER Campus Success Program – is underway. The submissions for this program are currently being evaluated.   It was noted that TIER start-up funding is ending in Dec. 2018 and the TIER program is looking at sustaining funding.  

A survey from early 2017 showed understanding and support for TIER to get the community focused on identity and to align identity standards. The survey also showed recognition of need for increased adoption.  Operational staff on campuses with current solutions may need help in understanding how to transition to TIER approach.  Kevin stated that there is work ongoing to bridge the gaps in understanding between CIOs and IAM teams.  

It was noted that as TIER provides training and education, it will be important to take the organization's business needs and functional requirements and map TIER offerings to accomplishing those. It was also noted that TIER investors may have current deployments;  smaller schools may be looking for packaged solutions (download and go).  

Steve Zoppi pointed out that the feedback loop is very important to TIER success.  The TIER program is changing deployment pattern from static deployment to continuous update. This model -- related to the Docker and DevOps approach -- requires infrastructure changes.  Campuses must be ready for continuous deployment and updates; there is a need to knit this into fabric of institutional operations.  

Chris commented on the impressive number of collaboration hours shown in TIER Quarterly report.

Community Reports 


Ann Harding reported that GÉANT ( ) is seeking input on possible next projects to focus on and priority work areas – and suggestions can originate from outside the EU. Every couple of years there is call for funding, and the next phase of funding becomes active 2019.   This process of collecting ideas continues until Oct and Nov.  To provide input, you must log in, but can use a guest IDP. Funding is only for GEANT partners.  Ideas will be put to into a white paper and the contents are  then evaluated by NRENs.  You are invited to submit your ideas. See links below. 

Example: InCommon, with Karen Herrington as chair of the MFA Interoperability Working Group, developed an MFA profile. This work was submitted it to REFEDs to become a global standard.  See this blog for more information:

Details on the GEANT New Idea Submission process

Additional Update - InCommon 

  InCommon Certificate Service will move to federated auth plus MFA. Conducting a pilot in September. Key to our ability to do this is the use of REFEDS MFA Profile. 

Reminder: in Person Meetings at 2017 TechEX 

Parking lot for this call:

  Next Steps on CACTI Working Group Processes - getting feedback from chairs

  1. See bold Q's on list of questions here(bottom page):  LINK DOES NOT GO IN PUBLIC NOTES CACTI Working Group Processes - DRAFT
  2. CACTI would like to get a basic understanding of WG status with these minimum 3 questions. Is there a way to do this already or is this net new ask of chairs?

  What next with topics that hit the shores of CACTI? 

  1.  Discussion on the CACTI email list re GSS-API and non web-sso and some points ( Topic-Nonweb Tech state as of fall 2017)


Next CACTI Call: Tuesday, Sept 19, 2017 at at 11am ET/ 1500 UTC 

  • note the Sept 19 CACTI call was later cancelled.