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Members in Attendance

  • Warren Anderson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee /LIGO  
  • Tom Barton, U Chicago 

  • Rob Carter, Duke 
  • Nathan Dors, U Washington 
  • Jill Gemmill, Clemson 
  • Ann Harding, SWITCH/GEANT 

  • Karen Herrington, Virginia Tech 
  • Todd Higgins, Franklin & Marshall College 
  • Tom Jordan, U Wisc - Madison  

  • Les LaCroix, Carleton College 
  • Chris Phillips, CANARIE 

Kevin Morooney, 
Ann West, 
Steve Zoppi,  Emily Eisbruch (flywheel)

AbsentChristos Kanellopoulos, GEANT 




Over time a goal is reduce ambiguity regarding the visibility, function and expectations of CACTI versus other groups in the community. The scope of CACTI will be defined and may be elastic to some extent at least at first. Possible areas of CACTI activity were discussed, including:

  • look across the Trust and Identity working groups for gaps that need to be filled.
  • suggest priorities for the working groups after getting input from them
  • provide guidance to the TIER program (it was noted that guidance has been requested on the direction for the TIER Security and Audit Working Group)
  • look at issues on campuses where TIER is not being embraced

  • provide vision for community and help to de-conflict the vision when there are conflicts. 
  • illuminate the vision and provide education on how pieces fit together
  • CACTI members can serve as an onramp for community members to share their own priorities/concerns/needs.

Comment: while it is good to explore gaps and issues/problems, CACTI should take a strategic approach and determine highest priorities for next 1-2 years.
 The Trust and Identity PAG, CACTI and Internet2 management need to work together on determining priorities

[AI] (AnnW)  share slides from TIER program mid-review. They shed light on the campuses desire for more help in TIER adoption. And the action items that came out of the TCIC / PAG (done) 

Selection of CACTI Chair 

CACTI charter - for reference  

Expectations of the chair

  • Help bring together talents of the CACTI members and pays attention to whether CACTI  is moving along the path we have set, gets to know the members, makes sure members are comfortable in exchanges where we may not agree, represent the group to the larger community

  • Run meetings well and encourage participation

  • Some CACTI work may need to be done in breakout groups, so skills to manage that could also be important in some cases

  • Ability to work with flywheel to handle administrative issues

Link for voting for CACTI Chair was emailed recently. Votes closes Thursday morning June 29, 2017, or sooner if all votes are received

Prospective near-term CACTI Tasks

  • Spin up on-going "identerati" activity (one way to approach Duties 4 and 5 of CACTI charter)

    • Note: MACE calls are continuing for the time being, they are convening identerati for the time being
, and they will provide notes to CACTI
  • Review organizations in the R&E sector and others that R&E has a particular stake in, identify who we know that is engaged with each of them, identify gaps in coverage, discuss how to address gaps

  • On-board existing Internet2 Trust and Identity Working Groups that need a place to report in to

    • Also need to define, what does it mean to "report in to"?

    • MACE-Directories Working Group (this group needs to create a charter)

    • TIER Security & Audit Working Group

    • others?

  • Review all Trust and Identity working groups, speak with their chairs, to understand what all is going on, to orient CACTI and to learn about what they might expect or wish of CACTI.

  • Provide guidance on TIER Security and Audit WG

  • Research community has concerns around speed of certain activities like InCommon Federation.  Do we need a WG or other activity focused on how we might address this?

  • Look at how Internet2 Trust and Identity activities are interacting with complementary efforts (such as REFEDs, AARC and other GEANT-driven activities)

  • Ask the Trust and Identity working groups to provide info to CACTI on their activities and where they’d like to be and what resources could help them. Perhaps we provide a template (or conduct interviews) for the working group chairs to provide feedback.

Please continue discussion on the email list on top priorities and focus for CACTI


New Internet2 CEO
Kevin has had discussions with new CEO of Internet2, Howard Pfeffer. Howard is eager to understand and support Internet2 Trust and Identity.

Edugain Steering
Edugain Steering is meeting on June 29, 2017. Chris Phillips would like to hear your input. Send input to CACTI list.


Brief report-outs (delayed for next CACTI call)
• Trust and Identity and Internet2 overall 
• Federation, Certificate Service, US eduroam and T&I Working Groups 


Next CACTI Call: Tuesday, July 11 at 11am ET/ 15:00 UTC


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