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  • Chris Phillips, CANARIE, Chair
  • Warren Anderson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee /LIGO
  • Rob Carter, Duke
  • Nathan Dors, U Washington
  • Jill Gemmill, Clemson 
  • Ann Harding, SWITCH/GEANT
  • Karen Herrington, Virginia Tech 
  • Todd Higgins, Franklin & Marshall College 
  • Christos Kanellopoulos, GEANT 


  • Kevin Morooney
  • Ann West  
  • Emily Eisbruch

Absent: Les LaCroix (Carleton College), Tom Barton (U. Chicago), Tom Jordan, (U. Wisconsin-Madison), Steve Zoppi (Internet2)

Action Items

  See Also Action Item Wiki Page:

[AI] (AnnW) send background to the CACTI list in preparation for the CACTI discussion on Review Trust and Identity Working Group Processes.

[AI] (AnnW and ChrisP) Discuss working group issues in preparation for this being a main topic on upcoming CACTI call.  

 [AI] (Emily) create a wiki page as a reminder of the procedures around the email list

[AI]  (Emily) make the CACTI Action Items page public once ChrisP double checks his report of recent conversation

[AI] (ChrisP) Double check if it's OK to move record of recent conversation with KeithH to public wiki as part of moving CACTI action item to public wiki

[AI]  (Emily) work on timing of CACTI F2F at 2017 TechEx

[AI] (Emily) establish the email list


Agenda bash 

Topic for a future CACTI call: Review Trust and Identity Working Group Processes
  (suggested by Ann West)

[AI] (AnnW) send background to the CACTI list in preparation for the CACTI discussion on Review Trust and Identity Working Group Processes.

Reminder of helpful links page here: CACTI Resources

CACTI minutes for July 11, 2017 

  • Four approvals in the comments indicate consensus that the CACTI minutes are ready for publishing publicly

  • Update: Received 4 approvals. The July 11, 2017 notes are now public here:

Updates/Additions to CACTI Processes

  • Proposed: Email list  for community to communicate with CACTI
    • Proposal
: Establish email list for community members to send ideas/concerns to CACTI

    • This email list will be publicized at top of CACTI public wiki and will be shared when CACTI chair reports to community on CACTI activities.

    • It was noted that some organizations use a ticketing system to helps tracking emails. 
For now, we will start simple, just mailing list.

    • Emails sent to will go to CACTI chair, CACTI flywheel, KevinM, AnnW and SteveZ 
    • Emails will be handled by the chair and flywheel within 4 days whenever possible.


    • Better tracking/less chance of action items getting dropped with action items tracked within notes AND ALSO on this designated wiki page.

    • Provides a record of CACTI activities and actions

      • Decision: make the Action Item page public to increase transparency.
  • [AI]  (Emily) make the CACTI Action Items page public once ChrisP double checks his report of recent MACE-Dir conversation

  • [AI] (Chris) double check if it's OK to move record of recent conversation with KeithH to public wiki

  • Proposed process for tracking "Community Reports" to CACTI

    • Goals for community report outs before or during CACTI calls include:
      •  Community reports to CACTI should be as in-depth as the person reporting desires
      •  Allow as many report outs to happen as needed and relevant to CACTI

      • Allow time for questions during the CACTI calls
    • Proposed process:

      • If a CACTI member has an item to report on to CACTI, they are requested to enter the info into a report out page for their topic and link page to  Agenda

      • Please provide these report outs it a day or two before the CACTI call to permit members visibility before call. 

      •  We'll experiment with using Confluence tagging to facilitate aggregation of reports by topic. Suggestion to tag freely at first.

      • CACTI members are urged to read the report outs prior to the CACTI calls and to ask questions on the calls (or in email if there is insufficient call time for questions on report outs).

      • Proposed to be in effect for call on Aug. 8, 2017 

      • Decision: use public as the default for report outs.  However, if a working group feels that private handling of info is needed then of course we will consider that.  


MACE-Directories Working Group

  • ChrisP reached out to Keith Hazelton, University of Wisconsin, MACE-Directories Working Group co-chair (other co-chair is David Bantz, University of Alaska) regarding the MACE-Dir working group's future path and creation of a charter. 
  • See Chris's report here:  Action20170611-02-Discussion of MACE-DIR Charter Needs
  • Summary:  

    • Yes MACE-DIR should have a charter
      • 3-4 months out is expectation (wall clock time, not effort)
    • ask to CACTI is
      • a map of relationships to other groups to understand interface
      • Guidance on international relationships could/should/desired to flow/circulate
  • Comments: 
    • MACE-Dir relationships w international efforts are important to understand (eduGAIN etc.)

    • AnnH: MACE-Dir relationship with external standards bodies (such as Kantara) are important. Should be handled in charter. 

    • Relationship w SHAC activity in GEANT is of interest. SHAC is in hibernation currently - current small activity in OIDCre

    • AI (ChrisP) will continue the conversation with Keith Hazelton. around MACE-Directories WG and creation of charter.

Developing CACTI work plan 

  • It was suggested to broaden work item in third row of work plan Google doc on Trust and Identity Working Group infographic to include how we push info out to the community.

  • A goal is to increase community view of what’s happening in working groups and what actions are taken after a working group report is finalized.  
  • Community members want to track progress, but community members have commented that it becomes unclear how an initiative is progressing.
  • One challenge is info overload. It would be great if CACTI could create an aggregation channel for highlights

  •  Proposal to ask the Trust and Identity working groups to answer 3-4 questions about what they are working on. May pull this into the topic for next CACTI call.

    •  Would be good to have a repetitive / cyclical process to collect the info on what’s going on in the Trust and Identity working groups.  

  • Suggestion that each CACTI member put at least one item on the CACTI Work Items Draft list

  • Add in your topic prior to the Aug 8 CACTI call for discussion/inclusion

Identerati / Identity Professionalsactivity  
(hold for next call) 

  • Next steps on Identerati /  Identity Professionals activity?

Report outs (hold for next call) 

  • Trust and Identity and Internet2 overall - Kevin  

  • TIER - Steve

  • InCommon and Working Groups - AnnW

  • New InCommon Working Groups spinning up

  • Processes to Maintain Baseline Expectations by InCommon and its members - Consultation open until Aug. 18, 2017

  •  MACE -

  •  International / Recent activities

CACTI at 2017 TechX

  • 2017 Technology Exchange in San Francisco Oct 15-19, 2017  
  • Advance CAMP ends Thursday Oct 19 at noon
  • MACE/CACTI Dinner, Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017 at 6:30pm

  • CACTI 90-minute F2F at TechEx
, Possible times for CACTI F2F: 

    • Tuesday, Oct. 17, 7am - 8:30am (breakfast meeting)
    •   or

    • Wed, Oct. 18, noon - 1:30pm (same time as InCommon Steward BOF and COmanage BOF)

    • Comments:
      • No one prefers Tuesday breakfast slot, 
      • Some CACTI members are concerned that proposed Wed noon slot is at same time as COmanage BOF

  • AI (Emily) work on timing of CACTI F2F at 2017 TechEx



  • What message would you like to provide at TechEx about CACTI progress? Milestone? 

    • Perhaps the message should be  around the T&I working groups, feedback welcome

    •  What value add does CACTI bring

    •  New views of outcomes and architecture would be helpful

    •  Please continue this discussion on the mailing list

[AI] (AnnW) send link to InCommon Trust Model (done) 

Next CACTI Call: Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at at 11am ET/ 1500 UTC