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This wiki page is no longer maintained as of 2019 and beyond.

About this page

  • This page is designed as a home base for CACTI action items and completed actions.  
  • CACTI action items will also be tracked in the call/meeting minutes.  
  • This page provides an additional record of what's pending and what's been completed that can be helpful for staying organized and, in the long run, for tracking accomplishments / history.

CACTI Action Items - OPEN

Assigned To
Action20181211-01Dec 11 2018ChrisPDiscuss future of Security and Audit WG w chairs of CTAB and TAC
Action20181127-01Nov 27 2018ChrisFollow up with Les and Christos on next steps for URN / OID registry.


Actions in Green most recently moved into completed section, to be cleared from green on next meeting.

Action Item
Assigned to
Action20180710-01July 10, 2018ChrisP and AnnW

AI (ChrisP) reach out to WG Chairs and ask for response (scoped feedback) to FIM4R paper by Labor Day

AI (ChrisP and AnnW) work on scoped questions around FIM4R paper for WG Chairs

CP20180806: Met with both AnnW, SteveZ, and with Mark Schieble, Anne-Marie Duh, Nick Roy, Ann W+ on questions for FIM4R.

In Progress– need to connect with CTAB and TIER WG


June 26, 2018

Chris Phillips (ChrisP) take to the FIM4R authors team the question of where we record when items are tackleCP20180806: No feedback as of yet due to summer holidays.
Action20170808-01Aug 8, 2017Nathanstart discussion on CACTI email list (and draft) for questions to ask working group chairs and TAC, AAC, etc.  regarding working group status

CP20180807:CP: CACTI call consensus was that this is handled and taken into consideration so declared complete

Cp20180806: Is this considered complete – I believe so. Confirmation sought.

Draft produced. Nathan will make a few updates to draft as a result of suggestions on the Aug. 22 CACTI call.

Action20180109-03Jan 9, 2018Chris Phillips ChrisP will communicate w Mark Scheible, InCommon TAC Chair on the CACTI discussion of Jan 9, 2018

CP20180806:Completed, met with Mark, Jane-Marie Duh, Ann West on the topic.

Pending as of Jan 22 -

Action20180109-02Jan 9, 2018Tom Barton TomB will author blog on SIRTFICompleted in July 2018


 June 26, 2018

Chris Phillips (ChrisP) email CACTI list about making the CACTI meeting at Tech Ex an Open meeting,CP20180806: Confirmed a few weeks back, meeting is open at TechEx. Completed.
Action20170905-01Sept. 5, 2017All CACTI MembersConsider providing input to the GEANT New Ideas Submission process

The period for feedback is drawing to a close soon. All members encouraged to put +1's out there.

CP:20180806: time to contribute has come and gone, action completed awhile ago.

Action20171031-01Oct. 31All CACTI MembersProvide your responses to the FIM4R input request as an email to the CACTI list.  

Fim4R coming to Vienna Feb 4-5 2018.(Updated Jan 22)

CP20180806: contributions provided by CACTI and members, FIM4R report completed.


 June 26, 2018

Chris Phillips (ChrisP)  follow up on Kantara access issue w Deployment Profile WG.  Followed up and resolved with Colin Wallace of Kantara. Open access preserved.

Action20170611-02July 11, 2017Chris PhillipsReach out to MACE-Directories Working Group chairs regarding a charter

CP2018-01-22: Keith working through scheduling conversation and initial draft.

CP2017-11-13:This is in progress and conversation on MACE-DIR is proceeding. The task of reaching out is done

Chris Phillips met with Keith in July 2017. Next step is for Chris to schedule an additional conversation with Keith to set a timetable for producing CACTI Charter.

CP2018-08-06: Charter is to sunset MACE-DIR and transition to REFEDS and TIER-API's and Schemas accordingly

Action20171018-01Oct 18, 2017Reach out to CaRC regarding research supportOvertaken by events as structure of CaRC changed
Action20171114-01Chris PhillipsChris work with Kevin and Ann to prepare for next CACTI call (Nov 28, 2017) on roadmap issuesDone
Action20171114-01Emilycreate a Google Folder for CACTI work
 in progressDone Nov 28, 2017
Action20170725-05Chris PhillpsDouble check if it's OK to link record of  recent conversation with KeithH to public wiki as part of moving CACTI action items page to public wiki

2017-11-13:CP: Done

Action20170822-01Tom Bartonreach out to the CACTI list concerning a one-hour call to discuss "Identerati" activityDone, this call took place on Aug. 29. 2017 and a follow up call is also scheduled
Action20170725-01Ann WestSend background information to the CACTI list in preparation for the CACTI discussion on Review Trust and Identity Working Group ProcessesThis is found on the CACTI Resources wiki
Action20170725-04Emily EisbruchMake the CACTI Action Items page (this page) a public wiki page once ChrisP double checks his report of recent conversationDone, See
Action20170725-02Ann West and Chris PhillipsDiscuss working group issues in preparation for this being a main topic on upcoming CACTI call.  Completed: CP/AW connected Aug2
Action20170725-03Emily EisbruchCreate a wiki page as a reminder of the procedures around the email list
Completed, see
Action20170725-06Emily EisbruchWork on timing of CACTI F2F at 2017 TechExDecision is that CACTI F2F (invitation only) at 2017 TechEx will be at lunch on Wed Oct 18, 2017.
Action20170611-01Emily EisbruchSet up mechanism to invite emails from the community regarding issues they would suggest CACTI to considerEstablished the SYMPA email list Added info about the list at top of CACTI wiki page here and at top of public CACTI notes page here

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