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  • David Bantz, U Alaska  
  • Keith Hazelton, U Wisconsin


  • Chris Phillips, CANARIE,   Chair
  • Warren Anderson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee /LIGO 
  • Rob Carter, Duke 
  • Nathan Dors, U Washington   
  • Todd Higgins, Franklin & Marshall College 
  • Tom Jordan, U Wisc - Madison  
  • Les LaCroix, Carleton College   


  • Steve Zoppi    
  • Emily Eisbruch   


  • Jill Gemmill, Clemson; 
  • Karen Herrington, Virginia Tech  
  • Ann Harding, SWITCH/GEANT 
  • Tom Barton, U. Chicago/Internet2
  • Christos Kanellopoulos, GEANT  
  • Ann West, Internet2
  • Kevin Morooney, Internet2

New Action Items:

  • [AI] (KeithH, DavidB, ChrisP, TomJ) draft a MACE-Dir transition Plan/Proposal, including where new initiatives will go
  • [AI] (ChrisP) reach out to NicoleH on how REFEDs wants to engage around MACE-Dir handoff of some MACE-Dir areas to REFEDs. 


2018 Global Summit Takeaways 

    • SteveZ: 2018 Global  Summit highlights: 
      • Positive feedback overall on T&I activities
      • There is excitement & some anxiety about future direction for TIER.  
      • Global Summit was final meeting of TIER Investors group. There is a transition to the T&I PAG.  
      • Question on how to best focus effort going forward to serve the community. 
      • It was confirmed that guidance of T&I working groups should come from CACTI . 
    • ChrisP: there may some lack of communication to the community  on what CACTI is focusing on.  
    • The current CACTI focus on future of MACE-Dir may help clarify role of CACTI in guiding working group strategy

Working groups focus:  MACE- Dir  

    • ChrisP: the community is starting to formulate possible visions of MACE-Dir next generation.  
    • Keith Hazelton and David Bantz co-chairs of MACE-DIR WG will be in attendance and carry on conversations held at Global Summit  and on the MACE-DIR call of Monday, May 14, 2018
    • Notes from MACE Dir BOF at Global  Summit and of May 14:
    • Discussion  
      • What are the proposed next steps KeithH, David?
      • KeithH: general direction is : MACE-Dir group recommends retiring MACE-Dir as an active Working Group. No rush. There is period of transition. Understood that CACTI is still understanding its legs.  Keep the MACE-Dir  mailing list intact likely until there is a place to hand off.  
        At the Global Summit BOF, an opinion was expressed, strongly by one individual, to shut down MACE-Dir and move all MACE-Dir activities to REFEDs. 
      • On reflection, Keith H thinks:

         -  the TIER Data Structures and APIs WG can likely take over some of the schema, interfaces and profiles work.
        -  Things that need global adoption should be done under REFEDs. 
        -  Some work can be moved “up” to REFEDs review from Internet2 working groups

      • David B: there  was mixed opinion on whether in the long term it makes sense to keep the MACE-Dir email list going.   
      • There was also concern about how easy or hard it is to spin up a REFEDs WG.  LauraP of ORCID stated that it was simple to spin up a REFEDs WG around ORCID.  REFEDs meets every six months so it could involve a six month delay to spin up a REFEDs WG in some cases.
      • ChrisP: there should likelly be a “freezing” of MACE-Dir to maintain valuable resources.
      • We should outline the needs/requirements as we pass off work to REFEDs.
      • Tom Barton serves on REFEDs Steering Committee, so this will help w Internet2 “representation”
      • Do we need to recharter the TIER API and Data Structures WG assuming some parts of MACE-DIR got to REFEDs and some go to TIER API and Data Structures WG? Should the “TIER” word be preserved in “TIER API and Data Structures” WG ?

                                TIER Working Groups 

    • SteveZ: most of the TIER Working Groups will likely end of life in 2019, pending decision of CACTI to continue them. API and Data Structures WG will continue (likely) In perpetuity.
    • Component Architects is not a CACTI structure (it's Internet2's)
    • TIER was designed to get things started for Trust and Identity. CACTI is about the long-term structure beyond the sunset of TIER name and mission.  CACTI will assume the ongoing charting of the mission/concept that will live on beyond the name “TIER”.  
    • A community body, which is CACTI, should decide the future of the working groups. 
    • It’s important that CACTI can spin up working groups as needed in the future. 
    • CACTI can generate recommendations to KevinM to take to the T&I PAG
    • TIER working groups were focal points for community needs. CACTI has the practitioner's view.  CACTI should focus on the art of the probable and must discern what’s most relevant. Concentrators of the needs. 
    • Does that PAG need to be involved in this transition? SteveZ: Both CACTI and PAG advise Kevin on direction.  
      • CACTI has power to convene working groups.  CACTI is more action oriented.

                                Next Steps 

          • concern about readiness, A concrete proposal would be helpful

          • TNC18 in Norway - REFEDs meets on Sunday, June 10 , 2018
          • ChrisP would like to engage with Nicole Harris and others around a  proposal for MACE-Dir handoff of some areas of responsibility to REFEDS
          • [AI] (KeithH, DavidB, ChrisP, TomJ) draft a MACE-Dir transition plan/Proposal, including where new initiatives will go
          • Would be helpful to get clarity from REFEDs on how things move from Internet2 Trust and Identity Working Groups into REFEDs. 
          • At the Global Summit MACE-Dir BOF, Nicole Harris was open to REFEDs taking on some MACE-Dir areas. Jim Basney and ScottK, representatives of research VOs were both at the MACE-Dir BOF at Global Summit.
          • [AI] (ChrisP) reach out to NicoleH on how REFEDs wants to engage around MACE-Dir handoff of some MACE-Dir areas to REFEDs. 
          • In OIDC space, InCommon and REFEDs are already defining how to work together, scope the work correctly, resource the work. 

                           Tech Ex 2018  

 Next CACTI call: Tuesday, May 29, 2018