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List your experience with training partners here.

Stanford Medicine - School of Medicine
  • AWS
  • GCP
    • Company: ROI training - fall 2016 - we had these classes on-site or at a location we booked nearby
      • CP100A - Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals (40 people)
      • CPO200 - Google Cloud Platform for Systems Operations Professionals (20 people)
      • Course 783 Essential Docker & Kubernetes (20 people)
    • ROI was good to work with, and let us kind of munge CPO200 and 783 together, skipping content that did not interest us.  Much of the work on cut and paste of topics was on us in that context, of course.
  • Azure
    • When we tried to get training in, I think, 2013, Microsoft pointed me at a 3rd party; they had no training program at that time.
University of Wisconsin-Madison
The University of Auckland
  • AWS
    • AWS Technical Essentials = the basic introductory one-day overview course was provided by AWS to 100 people over the course of one week (i.e., five daily sessions of twenty people each) in an effort to stimulate the technical community and inject a base level of awareness and establish common vocabulary.  This proved to be very useful, and AWS came in and ran the courses for us here on-campus.
    • AWS (Architecture Advanced) = two key members of our Cloud Centre of Excellence were sent on the advanced architecture course offered locally by AWS, with the objective of raising the capability in that team and providing a stronger ability to enact delegated architecture responsibility for early decision-making about the design and construction of our AWS tenancy.
    • AWS (Architecture Associate) = fourteen members of our architecture services group were sent on the three-day architecting-on-AWS training course, which Auldhouse Training (and local AWS-certified training partner) delivered for us here on-campus.  This offered access to the associate-architect certification examination, which about half of the cohort have since taken up and passed.  This was targeted at our solutions architects and our technical architects.
  • Azure
    • Nothing formal has yet been committed for Azure Cloud training, but the teams involved here are taking advantage of local hands-on sessions offered downtown by Microsoft, and also taking advantage of online sessions as they become available.  Our primacy tenancy is AWS, but we're using Azure for specific higher-level services and for specific workloads (e.g., those that arrive pre-formed for deployment into Azure), so Azure is down the track for us in terms of priority, with the focus now being on completing the full establishment of the AWS tenancy and the processes around it required to exploit it fully.

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