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The DevOps collaboration group is focused on sharing what everyone learns in the DevOps space as we move services into AWS.

We are re-focusing the group around monthly sharing meetings where we will will talk about topics we're all working with.

Please feel free to add additional child pages as sub-topics as we flesh this out.

Potential topics

  • infrastructure design
  • iam policy in AWS
  • orchestration tools(ansible, puppet, chef, etc)
  • root credential management
  • containerization (kubernetes vs ecs vs docker datacenter, etc)
  • immutable infrastructure
  • issues schools are facing
  • Ability to store the container images (docker allows 1 free per email address unless we buy in or set up our own container for images)
  • Consistency in the images we create (some versions may be specific to software that is needed and custom built, but we would want to start with the standard Ruby/Node to make sure upgrades are managed well)
  • Deployment via Jenkins scripts that would allow teams to deploy on their own without central management / tickets
  • Managing backup, redundancy, failover, etc. on INF side or via the cloud provider
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