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This is a draft page, eventually intended to make it easy for institutions to share their cloud profile with the higher ed cloud community.  

School Profile

Cloud Profile

  • Cloud adoption:  Opportunistic Cloud
  • Supported Platforms: AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Cloud URL(s):
  • Cloud contact(s):
  • Cloud Strategy URL: none
  • Business drivers for cloud: Research, Administrative, Financial ERP
  • Ares of cloud use: teaching, research, administrative (departmental, enterprise)
  • Cloud story/narrative: Penn State is currently using the Net+ agreements for AWS and GCP.  AWS was the first cloud provider in use at PSU.  Azure followed with service development driven by our SAP Financial ERP hosted in Azure (go-live July 2020).  We recently (April 2020) began service development for GCP. With a lengthy history in AWS, a quickly developed Azure service and new development in GCP,  the Cloud Services team will be spending the second half of 2020 on the PSU Cloud Ready project.  This project will be focused on finalizing service development and eliminating technical debt.
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