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This is a draft page, eventually intended to make it easy for institutions to share their cloud profile with the higher ed cloud community.  

School Profile

  • Name: Indiana University
  • Size:  Approx 140K students/faculty/staff
  • Carnegie Classification Public R1
  • Medical School: Yes
  • Academic focus: Medicine/Nursing/Dentistry/Optometry, Business, Music, Foreign Languages, Public & Environmental Affairs

Cloud Profile

  • Cloud adoption:  Opportunistic Cloud
  • Supported Platforms: AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Cloud URL(s): in-progress
  • Cloud contact(s): 
  • Cloud Strategy URL: in-progress
  • Business drivers for cloud: research, minimal enterprise app development, data backup, BCP, teaching
  • Ares of cloud use: teaching, research, administrative (departmental, enterprise), etc
  • Cloud story/narrative: IU is on both the NET+ AWS and NET+ GCP agreements. Our Azure contract is through a reseller. Rather than having a driving cloud strategy, our gradual use of the public cloud platforms has grown from the grass roots, beginning with researchers. We are currently working through each of the platforms to create a security/governance framework that meets our spectrum of higher ed use cases (research, teaching & learning, administrative). We completed our GCP configuration and as of April 2020 are close to finalizing our Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure.  After AWS we will begin work on articulating a formal cloud strategy. 
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